Seven Principles of Right Surrender

All religions teach human beings that to experience peace and harmony, they need to surrender their limited human mind and will to the infinite Mind and Will of the Creator of this universe who is known variously as Ahura Mazda, Khuda, Parmeshwar, Bhagwan, Yahweh, Antim Buddha, God, Allah and by other names as well.

To help human beings live a life based upon surrendering their limited will to the infinite Divine, all religions have provided certain laws and rules of conduct that people should live by. These laws and rules of conduct are known in different religions as commandments, yamas, niyamas and sheelas. So, although all world religions emphasize the need to surrender one’s will to the Divine, none of them have codified all the principles into one comprehensive document that will help spiritual seekers as well as lay people to weave these spiritual principles in their daily lives and thus live a life of self-surrender to the Divine.

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