Death: A Phase In Life Eternal

Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta
Servant of Servants of God

Editorial Note:

In one of his songs, Saint Kabir sings words to the following effect:

When a child is born,
The child cries
But the world around him doth rejoice.
O Kabir! Live your life thus
That when death comes to claim you
You may leave smiling
While the world around you weeps.

Death is a phenomenon that no human being born on earth can escape. Yet, our present way of life is such that when the end comes, we are ill-equipped to face death.

Even though we hear or see people dying daily, we continue to live our lives as if death is meant for others, not for us.

Almost all of us are afraid of death, and we try to push away from our mind the thought of our death, whenever it arises. Since we do not make the necessary effort to prepare our mind to face this one certainly in life, we also develop many misconceptions about death. For instance many of us feel that instantaneous death is preferable to slow death; or that death is the end of all life.

In this Discourse, delivered through Revered Dadaji, Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta, on March 10, 1974, it is explained that death is a phase in the eternal life of the soul. It is explained how the fear of death can be overcome to a great extent by living life in the right way. Many other misconceptions regarding death are also clarified in this Discourse.

We hope that all our readers will find this Discourse of great help in their personal lives.

—Sundri Vaswani


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