Silence Speaks

In addition to the key teachings, Revered Dadaji has received thousands of Scripts from the Divine Mind. Some of the earlier Scripts have been published in Silence Speaks.

Introduction to Silence Speaks

It is often felt that only saints and sages are capable of hearing the “Inner Voice”. This is true, but it is not the whole truth. It is possible for most people, if not all, to hear the “Voice of Silence”, provided they remove the hindrances that are inherent as well as those that have been created in their minds.

There are many ways of being able to hear the “Voice of Silence”. It is possible for an average human being to realize this goal if by any practice he succeeds in stopping the usual thinking mind, the feeling consciousness, the working of the five senses and yet remains wide awake. Till that state is achieved it is essential that during such practices the expression of thoughts, feelings and senses is stopped by the use of the will. Once the above conditions are satisfied, a state of “void” results which gradually gives way to experiences from the “Voice of Silence”. These experiences differ with individuals according to the degree of evolution of the soul and human consciousness. Even before the experiences begin, one can be guided in one’s life in one or another of three ways: namely, inspirations in one’s human mind from the superconscious planes, guidance through others who are in tune with these planes, and guidance through environmental forces, providing one surrenders oneself to the Guiding Force.

When one achieves the state where the human consciousness stops functioning and the plane of rationality is transcended, one begins to get in tune with one’s soul and the Oversoul. In that state of superconsciousness one begins to get spiritual experiences. They take different forms such as audition, vision and awareness. As one descends with these into the usual conscious mind, some of them can be converted into human thought forms and recorded in words. The knowledge thus gathered seems beyond the average human mind and yet it is not new. These are old Truths that have been revealed to us by spiritual masters from time to time.

“Inner experiences” began spontaneously in my life as early as the year 1936 in spite of the fact that I was an agnostic then. Doubts and resistance followed in their wake. It took me full seventeen years of inner fight to overcome doubts and become a convert to the Truth that is the “Voice of Silence”.

For nearly three years it has been my practice to record in writing the experiences received during the spiritual meditations. Not all the experiences can be so recorded, for some are so deep that they defy expression even in thoughts: much less can they be expressed in words. Herein are some of the easily understandable “Scripts” recorded thus immediately after meditations. They form a very small part of the messages recorded on various subjects, which range from the highest spiritual experiences, such as the Origin of the Creator and creation, to the day-to-day affairs of material life.

The Source of Knowledge lies beyond the usual conscious mind. And, in my opinion, the best way to live one’s worldly life is to ascend first into the superconscious planes and, descending with the experiences received there, reflect them in thoughts, words and actions in the day-to-day affairs of life.

As the title Silence Speaks signifies, the messages published here are from the “Voice of Silence”. I lay no claim to the authorship of the contents. What is published herein is what has been received through me, not from me? Nor do I lay any claim to the messages having been recorded in Divine language. In my meditations, I have been getting experiences in the form of audition, vision and awareness. Whatever is expressible is transformed into human thought and is scribbled in whatever language I have at my command. At times, I also “hear” specific words during the process of conversion of the experiences into thought forms during the time of scribbling.

In the following, “I” signifies the Guiding Source, and “My Father” as well as “My Father in Heaven” stand for God. The passages included herein are reproduced in the form they have been spontaneously recorded except for a few minor changes to make them easily understandable. Personal references have been omitted.

I wish to express my loving gratitude to my dear friend J.J.V. for his love, patience and persistence which greatly helped to convert my mind from a state of doubt to that of a firm conviction in these matters.

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