The Importance of Principles

Principles are universal, whereas laws and rules are not. Laws and rules are specific to the medium through which a particular principle manifests. Like the phenomena of mind and consciousness, principles also do not have any material substance and are invisible. Yet, just as mind and consciousness direct thoughts, the actions we manifest, are controlled by principles. All the activities we are engaged in, as well as the phenomena we witness and experience in the visible universe as well as the invisible aspects of creation, are controlled by some principle.

Since consciousness, mind, and principles are all invisible, without which the physical dimension cannot function, and thoughts, which are the source of words and actions, are also invisible, it should be obvious that the source of all these invisible phenomena is most likely also invisible and by its very nature must be invisible.

Everything that we do begins with an invisible thought that either arises within our invisible mind or enters our mind from outside. Our invisible mind itself is energized by invisible consciousness. In the visible domain, we manifest in words and actions, some of the thoughts that are in our mind. The rest remain in the invisible domain within the “Ocean of Consciousness” till such time as either we, or some other entity, chooses to manifest them. Those thoughts that are not manifested will linger till such time as the mental energy that created them dissipates.  When there is no energy available to sustain a thought, it either disintegrates or merges with or is absorbed by the vibrations of higher thoughts.

Most people are unaware of the fundamental nature of principles and their role in everything that happens in the physical universe and their personal lives.

Although principles, mind and consciousness are all invisible phenomena, without them, no physical manifestation would be possible. Thus, it is the invisible dimension which is more vital than the physical domain that we experience through our five senses. It is the invisible Source of All Sources that ultimately sustains and nurtures both the physical domain and the invisible aspects of creation.

Revered Dadaji, Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta, used to emphasize that spiritual principles will guard and protect those who live by them. The principles will also guide them along the spiritual path, and those who weave the principles in their lives will be graced by a spiritual Master when they deserve to be graced.

Just what is it that the principles guard against and protect people from? The principles will protect people from the tendency of their respective human minds to react to external physical stimuli and pursue the desires that arise from their attraction to physical forms which they dwell upon and become attached to. Thus, the principles will protect them from their own human frailties and direct and support them to do what is spiritually right. The principles also prevent the human mind from creating openings through which thoughts from un-Divine and anti-Divine forces can enter and influence them. It is un-Divine and anti-Divine thoughts which side-track seekers from the spiritual path.

The un-Divine and anti-Divine forces use three weapons to side-track spiritual seekers. They are temptations, fears and doubts. If you analyze these three weapons, you will find that all three result from attachment to certain thoughts. Spiritual principles will guard human beings from these natural tendencies and protect them from the influence of un-Divine and anti-Divine forces.

When people live according to the spiritual principles, then, at the right time, when they deserve it and will benefit from it, a spiritual Master will grace their efforts and help them succeed in their spiritual endeavors.

Grace is a double-edged sword and when someone is graced, both their negative and positive thoughts will become energized. A reflection of this truth is the fact that the sun shines equally on desirable plants and weeds and energizes then to the extent of each plant’s capacity to absorb the sun’s energy. So, till such time as one has developed the necessary discipline and control over one’s own mind and is willing to follow instructions from a spiritual Master, with love from inside out, one can be severely harmed if one is graced prematurely.

Principles never fail. People do, when they violate principles.

A more detailed explanation of the fundamental importance of principles, please refer to the article posted on the website of SSG titled, “The Importance of Principles”.

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