Why Spirituality in this Modern World?

On June 12, 1974, a question was put to Revered Dadaji, Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta:

“Where is the need for spirituality in this modern world with its modern values?”

Other questions on similar lines were also asked. In reply, Revered Dadaji gave a Discourse, which is reproduced below.

Main Cause of Frustration

Your questions boil down to the thought that if the path for growing unto spiritual realization through liberation or mukti is so hard, why go after it? Why not let things happen as they will, in the life of an average human being?

In our earlier Discourses, we have spoken of the state of consciousness in the wakeful human mind in which the human beings concerned go after “everything but God”. It has been observed that such people, be they atheists or otherwise, may not succeed in getting what they desire. This is more so if their destiny does not help them.

Centuries ago, Lord Buddha taught that desire is the one and only cause of human suffering. And, if there is no force of destiny, one may wreck one’s head and yet one will not be able to fulfill one’s desires. This is why many die as frustrated people.

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